Shark Solar Backpack in Greece

Summer is here, many people started to arrange their holiday vocation. My friend is going to travel to Greece, so I asked her to do the test for our product – Shark Solar Backpack. Thanks to her, we have the result showing here.

Shark Solar Backpack is a light weight backpack, 890 g, with a solar panel on top, which transforms solar energy into electricity. Because the shape of the backpack expanded is like the shark’s fin, it’s named Shark Solar Backpack. The test location was on the boat offshore when it’s very sunny. The solar panel on Shark Solar Backpack really did its job under the nice weather.

The test was done around 8:10 a.m. There was no cloud at all, the power generating ability of iPhone is excellent. Electricity is generating even behind the window with film. It shows Shark Solar Backpack has fantastic light gathering function, that could produce electricity even under indoor light. With Shark Solar Backpack, I don’t need to worry about no access to the wall outlet on boat at all. Next, it’s time to

present the testing result.

The flux on the deck, very sunny, went up to 94.6 Klux; it’s the best condition for power bank 9000 mAh to charge. This way, I don’t need to rush back to hotel for charging my cell phone. Shark Solar Backpack becomes a necessary equipment for me when I travel!

While traveling to the foreign country, we always worry about there is no enough space in our bag, or the bag is too heavy if the capacity is enough. Shark Solar Backpack has both advantages of big capacity and light weight; I got enough space and the bag won’t be too heavy to carry even with 5 kg content. Not to mention the light-weight thin-film solar panel provide you unlimited power during the trip. My wife likes the bag much.

I am appreciated my friend’s help. Looking forward to seeing the product, Shark Solar Backpack, on the market soon.