Mt. Wutai again

I do not know when my hiking in Mt. Wutai became a routine, a destiny and a touch deeply from my heart. The view and the feelings that Mt. Wutai gave me changed every time I visited. Many people feel for it desperately, I am one of them. My another new trip, climbing Mt. Wutai again, on April 22, 2017.

The distance of hiking in Mt. Wutai is about 60 km which takes roughly two days to finish. The difficulty level of the trip is medium. And it is divided into two parts for considering condition of the newbies, so staying overnight at Taiwei Town is the better option. The first day of schedule was starting from Huanmen Rock, Easttai, Northtai, Bath Pool (Centraltai) to Taiwei Town with the total distance of 34 km, evaluation of 500 m up and 1500 m down. Either Southtai summit or rest will be determined upon the physical status of armature companions.

The Everbliss Green INFINITY Solar Backpack just arrived not long ago, and I am planning to take it with me on the short outdoor trip. Because I used to have mountain bag over outdoor trekking, the doubts of how much the backpack can do came up naturally before the trip. However, I believe its abilities of carrying and solar panel will not let me down.
Summary of the test:

The experience this time is for Everbliss Green INFINITY Solar Backpack. Most of the stuff we carried is clothes, photographic equipment (two lenses) and few food, because of the one- to two-day trip planned. Therefore, the weight of the backpack is around 10 kg for the light pack trekking.

The whole trip is walking over on the grass of the plateau, the dirt track formed by others and about 60% of the road covered by snow due to the un-melted snow left on the mountain. Because the sunshine is stronger at plateau and the snow reflects the sunlight, the whole trip is good for power generating from solar energy. From our experience, the time needed for an iphone 5 charged from 40% to 100% only spent two and half hour.

Performance Report

1.Test of energy transformation: ★★★★☆
Test Device: Iphone5
Charge range (percentage): 30%~100%
Charging time: 2 hours
Testing Environment: The trekking in Mount Wutai is mainly walking along the ridge at an elevation of 3,000 m with snow on the ground, which helps the sunlight
collecting of the backpack compensating the disadvantage of not always facing to the sun of the backpack.

Testing Result: The rated current of Everbliss Green INFINITY Solar Backpack is 1A. The overall performance is excellent; Only 2 hours time period is needed for charging Iphone 5 to increase 70% of charge. It’s better than many solar panel applications on the market!

2. Weight Test: ★★★★☆

Ability of carrying weight: ★★★★☆
We went 34 kilometers, elevate 500 meters up and 1500 meters down with the backpack weighted around 20 kilograms. The ability of carrying of INFINITY Solar Backpack is well. At first, I put weighted 10 kg in the bag and I felt heavy and uncomfortable. So two lenses were taken out, the bag weighted 6.5-7.5 kg, for easy to carry the bag. I concluded that the best weight for the bag to carry is 6.5-7.5 kg.

Expandability: ★★★☆☆
Although the hard-case design limited the expandability of the backpack, its 24 L capacity is enough for the needs of short-distance outdoor activities. The INFINTY Solar backpack with two expandable straps on both sides of backpack, which can hang sleeping bag, tent, etc, is suitable for one- or two-day trekking.

Waterproof ability: ★★★★★
The exclusive waterproof design of the INFINITY Solar Backpack makes it an excellent outdoor gear. Its waterproof protection ensures the contents from ruined by the water or liquid especially over the wading.

Comfort Level: ★★★★☆
The comfort level of the backpack is nice with the groove on the back for providing air through and dry experience of users. Moreover, the waste belt has the force excreted evenly.

Other levels: ★★★★★
Embedded soft solar panel is on the front side of the backpack. That ensures the panel won’t be damaged when transform the solar energy into electricity. Having the solar panel with us during the outdoor activities reduces the needs of power bank for cutting down the products we bring in the trip.

Besides, the eye catching and fashion design of the backpack has many colors for your choice. Colorful backpack changes the single color which outdoor equipment used to have and is more suitable for young people.

A pre-defined and not completed trip of Mt. Wutai trip has finished before I knew it. It has no excitement that newbies have, no happiness that came after conquering the difficulty and no sigh toward life. But it has only pure simple walking, peaceful heart and I was in awe of nature. Maybe it is the meaning of walking.

Author: Walking Footprint