Four-day trip to the east of Taiwan

After watching the film “Beyond Beauty – Taiwan from above” directed by Po-lin Chi, my whole families were touched by the hope of reserving the beauty of Taiwan and passing the belief on. So, we decided to take a trip to the east of Taiwan for the once a year getaway.

The most beautiful view in Taiwan is in the east part, where is suitable for the family trip. We also arranged snorkeling in the schedule, how exciting!

Day1   Suao Harbor – Port of Hualien (by Natchan Rera) - Sheraton Taitung Hotel
Taking Natchan Rera to the east of Taiwan is the popular itinerary recently. It’s very convenient to whom do not like road trip, no more scary road drivingon Suhua Highway.
The boat departed from Suao Harbor, Yilan County. Interesting wall paintings, with the theme of 3D shark, presented in front of us while we were waiting for the departure.

I brought INFINITY Solar Backpack with me on this trip. Although it’s a four-day trip, the backpack’s capacity is still big enough for the summer clothes I needed in the trip. The size of the backpack is proper to me. I can charge my cell
phone, which was not fully charged last night.

It took around two hours to reach Port of Hualien; the time spent on the Natchan Rera is roughly the same as driving a car. The weather was fine when we got out of the boat. I was in the good mood to act as a model with INFINITY Solar Backpack on me.

After a while, bus was coming to pick us up for the Sheraton Taitung Hotel.

INFINTY Solar Backpack attracts the attentions while checking in. It is not only easy to carry on the back but became the eye magnet during the trip.
We dismissed when sun went down. Most people went to the night market outside the hotel but we, the whole family, choose to stay in the hotel to enjoy the facility. The gym in the hotel is fancy and quiet, which I love much. After working out, I went to Sauna for relaxing. That night, I turned out to go to bed earlier than before for saving up energy for the next day.

Day2  Taitung Flowing Lake – Biking at Pipa Lake – Snorkeling in Ludao

The water of Flowing Lake combines salt with fresh water; it’s clear and has magnificent views. We can see the small fishes jumping out of water from time to time. The water is so clear that people couldn’t resist the magic and jump into it for enjoying the coolness. We had fun in the lake. And we were going to bike at Pipa Lake in the afternoon.

I was biking along the Pipa Lake in Taitung Forest Park. The calm lake and nice breeze blowing around from the dense forests gave me the feelings of love. We rested at the sea shore for the views. The sea in Taitung has layers with assorted colors. The last one collides with the sky; it’s fantastic.

We went on riding to Howl’s moving castle, the version made in Taiwan. Although the crappy house with white walls was destroyed by the typhoon, we can still see the sign of people living there before. I assume that there will be no reconstruction plan for it and no one lives there now.

Next, we returned to the gathering place and took a motor boat to Ludao.

Everyone went snorkeling and enjoyed the gravity (almost) free zone inside the water. By a smile on each person’s face when he emerged from the sea surface, you can realize how big the magic of the snorkeling in Ludao is, which is my favorite part of the journey.
After a wonderful day visiting many places, we returned to the hotel

waiting for the sunrise in Ludao tomorrow.

Day3  Around the Ludao – Pingtung Shuangliou National Park – Tsai In-Wen’s former residence
The air was fresh in the morning in Ludao. We started to walk around this

island after breakfast.
We came to the famous stones, Pug and Sleepy Beauty. The one on the left is like a pug resting; while the one on the right looks like a beauty sleeping. I decided to take a closer look, disturbing the sleeping beauty.The close look of sleeping beauty had a sense of mystery. The nature viewis spectacular and amazing.
The beautiful view in Green Island makes it so beautiful that even the rookies can shoot remarkable pictures. I really hope that I can stay longer here.

Green Island Prison is open to public. Quite a few young tourists are attracted to here by the fashion design, and take pictures. Besides, various by-
hot spring was out of table.

Surrounded by the nature, we are more able to forget all the troubles and returned to the basic. The Green Island trip was finished. Hope to come back here sometime in the future.
And then we came back to visit the previous residence of President Tsai Ing-wen. It’s shame there were many spots were not open due to the weekdays maybe. It came to me as another vivid prove of non-perfect world again.
After walking around, we reached hotel. The memory of Green Island was still in my head, and I believe the happiness will not be faded easily.

Day4  Wanjin Catholic Church – Glass Bridge – Aborigine Village, Sandimen, Pingtung.

We did not wake up early since it’s vacation. The first stop is Wanjin Catholic Church, A.K.A. Wanjin Basilica, Pingtung. The church is quite famous internationally. Classical appeal keeps the original characteristics in the high-tech modern world. It’s also a must-go spot in Pingtung.

Because of the tight schedule, we were heading next stop, Glass Bridge.

The Glass Bridge is located next to famous Aborigine Village, Sandimen, which is a must-go attraction in Pingtung. The aboriginal style roams all over the space. Entrance tickets of Glass Bridge is $50 for adults and is $40 for a group. For safety consideration, the bridge will be closed if the weather is bad. It’s safer to have non-slip shoes on due to the big shaking of bridge. My imagination was acting that the bridge looks like a big centipede far away.

We were now heading to the last stop, Aborigine Village Sandimen. The fantastic show impressed us much. Everyone was happy about that.

The four-day east trip had finished with the clear voice of aboriginals. People said the most beautiful view of Taiwan is people. The film “Beyond Beauty – Taiwan from above” directed by Po-lin Chi taught us grasp the moment and cherish what we have. I appreciate many enthusiastic friends’ hospitality. I will see you soon, the beautiful east and Green Island.