A Chestnut broke through African for 43 days, sweeping 12 countries!

Hello, all travelers from Baidu travel. The trips in 2016 have ended. Long journey of life, as well as long life of journey. Chestnut loves to travel with feet to measure latitude of the earth. My dream of going around 200 countries is never died. In 2016, I launched the main gate of all countries of south Africa even the places where a lot of Baidu travelers have never been to. So please pay more attention to Chestnut’s travel blog to enjoy the trips I had. Fortunately, I am survived from this trip, thanks to god; I suffered the near death experience, twice. I made it with the condition for the fracture of my middle toe of left foot.

I am lucky to have the backpack, developed by my friend, for this trip. It’s a hard-case backpack which is different from the ones I had before! It’s solar panel backpack! When people hear hard-case, the first thing in their mind is heavy, on the contrary, it’s quite light. You might think there is a big solar panel on it, and why it is light. This solar panel is new to me as well, it’s different from the general solar panel with one layer of glass on top, because it’s soft! I will explain more about this soft board later.

As you know, there are a lot of places without outlet to charge your cell phone except lodgings at night. And this solar backpack is one reliable product I had during the trip, other than my two big power banks. It’s like a mobile power generator for making me no worry about running out of electrify of my cell phone and camera, no matter where I went. One time, I plugged the cell phone, almost discharged fully, to the backpack under super strong sunshine in Africa, when I took a rest under the tree, and it turns out that only less than one hour needed to charge the cell phone up to more than half charged. I wished that I could carry more backpacks for it. The backpack named INFINITY, by my friend, and it really brings “infinity” power. Chestnut cannot tell how much he loves the backpack.

By the attracting appearance of the backpack, many Africans touched it again and again while I was walking on street with it; I just hope that no one was trying to steal from me. The function of the outer case of the backpack totally showed its power in this Africa trip. Although the case was scratched a lot, it still protected the solar panel underneath from any damage, and not to mention the LED indicator, which showed the panel was accepting energy, still lit up even sun was not shining on the panel. If the case was used metal material, it should be more durable but heavier for sure; it’s hard to tread off. Good news to me is that my friend said he could replace a new case for me with different color preferred. My excitement came back immediately.

I will stop here for now. The other part of my review about the packpack will be posted later. I am looking forward to the adventurous journey with the backpack again in the next year, 2017.